Contribute Your Stories of the COVID-19 Outbreak

About this project

Oconee, Pickens, and Anderson area libraries and museums, whether public or academic, are working together to collect, archive, and share stories about residents of the upstate area of South Carolina during the COVID-19 crisis.  Please help us create a permanent record of how local residents and their families are adjusting and coping during this unprecedented, global, event that affects us so personally.


It is the personal stories of how events affect the individuals and families locally that give depth and meaning to history and the collection of facts which are sought years later.  If this crisis is affecting how you are interacting with your school-aged children, your parents, your friends, or how or where you are able to work, play, or participate in what was an ordinary event, please share that information with us.  Please ask your friends and family to contribute as well.  We are experiencing a historic event.  Please be a part of recording how this is affecting our lives and the challenges it presents.

If you have photos, short videos, journal, diary, or calendar entries, short audio recordings, texts, memos, social media posts, or letters you’ve sent or received that have affected how you responded to this event, we would love for you to share them with Pickens County Library system as part of this broader collection of local community stories.