Come See Our Bees!

Bees are an important part of our ecosystem and our food supply, pollinating our fields, gardens, and orchards – providing nearly one-third of the food we eat!  However, this key ingredient to our survival is under attack, indirectly, by humans, through pesticides, habitat loss, air pollution and more!  The Bee Cause Project seeks to inspire the next generation of environmental stewards while protecting our precious pollinators.  They believe that the best way to help people and pollinators thrive is through hands-on learning and community.
PCLS is excited to be awarded the Bee Cause Project Grant.  The observation hives at each library branch provided by the grant funds will be invaluable tools to inspire creativity, teach collaboration, and cultivate critical thinking and STEAM skills in observers of all ages.  
PCLS is also fortunate to have an amazing local resource, Bee Well Honey Farm, to collaborate with for this project.  Our bee colonies were donated by Bee Well, and their knowledge and expertise has been invaluable as our bees are settling into their new homes.   
Make sure to stop by any of the PCLS branches to visit the bees, watch their progress, learn about their importance, and be amazed by the work they do!
To learn more about The Bee Cause Project or Bee Well Honey Farm, check out the links below!