Book a Librarian

Do you need assistance with basic computer skills or help finding information?  Book a librarian!

Book a Librarian sessions are scheduled Monday-Friday for 45 minutes and are only for adults. This is a reference service designed to guide you in the best use of our collection and informational resources.

If you need help with historical research, use the Book a Historian form.

Please fill out the form completely. A staff member will contact you to schedule an appointment. Appointments are limited to one session per month per person.

 Some things we are unable to help with:

  • We do not provide medical, legal, tax, business advice or opinions.
  • We cannot assist with financial transactions.
  • We cannot type or proofread your documents.
  • We do not offer technical support or troubleshooting except for library resources.

This list is not exhaustive and appointment requests may be declined for additional reasons. If your request is declined, we will do our best to suggest other resources. Appointments will be assigned to staff based on availability and expertise, not by request.