Designed especially for children under five to encourage the development of kindergarten readiness skills using the Palmetto Basics.

How to join Ready! Set! Grow!

  1. Download Ready! Set! Grow! log or pick one up at your library.
  2. Complete 100 activities with your child for each of the Palmetto Basics except Read and Discuss Stories:
  3. After you complete 100 activities in one category, come to the library and choose your first pin. You’ll also receive a Ready! Set! Grow! tote bag. Earn additional pins as you complete additional categories.
  4. In order to earn the Book pin, you must Read and Discuss 600 books with your child.
  5. The Palmetto Basics activities are meant to span and enrich the early years of your child’s life. Complete Ready! Set! Grow! requirements by kindergarten to foster school readiness.

Printable Forms

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