Meeting Space Policy

The Pickens County Library System (“library”) offers non-profiting use of its meeting spaces to groups and individuals (“applicant”) for law-abiding purposes as outlined below. Meeting spaces include meeting rooms, conference rooms, and applicable study rooms at all library locations. Outdoor spaces may also be reserved at the Captain Kimberly Hampton Memorial Library in Easley. All meeting spaces available for reservation are listed on the library’s Meeting Space Application.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, have a valid library card in good standing (i.e., cannot owe more than $5 in fines or fees to the library), and submit a completed Meeting/Conference Room Application in order to reserve a meeting space in advance.

Granting permission to use library meeting spaces or facilities does not constitute an endorsement of the applicant or the applicant’s viewpoints by the Pickens County Library System, its Board of Trustees, or Pickens County Officials.

Applications for meeting space reservations are evaluated to ensure the proposed use and activities are in compliance with all library policies. All reservation requests are pending until the applicant receives confirmation from library staff.  The library reserves the right to cancel or amend any reservation.

Meeting space reservations are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis.  The Library will resolve reservation issues using the following priorities:

  1. Pickens County Library System and affiliated groups, such as the Friends of the Library
  2. Government departments or agencies within Pickens County
  3. Community organizations formed for educational, cultural, and civic purposes
  4. Other

Library use of meeting spaces takes precedence over all other use and is not subject to this policy.

Study rooms are available for non-reserved, walk-in use on a first-come, first-served basis, and a library card is not required for such use. Study rooms may be used on a walk-in basis for up to two (2) hours. When no one else is waiting, the user may continue to use a study room beyond two hours, but must vacate the study room at the direction of library staff if another user wishes to use the room.

All activity in library meeting spaces is subject to the library’s Code of Conduct. Violations of it or any other library policy may result in the denial of meeting space use and/or the assessment of fees.

An applicant may appeal the denial of meeting space use in writing to the Library Director within ten (10) days of notification of the denial. The Library Director’s decision may be appealed to the Library Board of Trustees in writing and will be considered at the next regularly scheduled Board meeting. The decision of the Board is final.


The use of meeting spaces is subject to the following guidelines and regulations:

  1. Because the library is a public facility, any meetings, programs, or exhibits hosted in a library meeting space must be open to the public, this includes outdoor spaces. The library reserves the right to monitor any meeting.
  2. Meeting spaces may not be used for any kind of solicitation or selling, including the direct or indirect promotion of a business or solicitation of clients. Prohibited activities include, but are not limited to, collecting contact information from attendees or distributing promotional materials in order to solicit business in the future, delivering a presentation about products or services that would be available in the future at a cost to attendees, or promoting or endorsing participation in multi-level marketing and sales. You may charge fees or tuition only with prior approval by the Library Director.
  3. Private events, i.e. birthday parties, family reunions, etc. are prohibited.
  4. Applicants may not conduct fund-raising activities or events except those sponsored by the library or the Friends of the Library.
  5. Meeting / Conference Room Applications may be submitted up to 6 months in advance and no later than 2 business days prior to the reservation start time.
  6. A meeting space at the same library location may be reserved by the same applicant or on behalf of the same group no more than 4 times in the same calendar month.
  7. Library equipment used in meeting spaces must be requested on the Meeting/Conference Room Application to ensure its availability. No equipment will be loaned for use in outdoor spaces.
  8. Meeting spaces are only available for use during the library’s operating hours, and all meeting spaces must be vacated at least 30 minutes prior to the location’s closing time.
  9. Cancellations should be made at least 48 hours in advance. When arriving late for a meeting space reservation, an applicant should notify the library prior to the scheduled start time. The library will cancel a reservation when an applicant or the applicant’s designee is not present within 15 minutes after the reservation start time.
  10. Any publicity must state that the meeting is not a library-sponsored event. The library’s contact information is not to be listed on publicity materials without prior approval.
  11. Meeting room set-up and storage are not provided. The applicant is responsible for setting up and taking down any tables and/or chairs. All furniture must be returned to its original location leaving the room(s) clean and in order. Items left in any meeting space or associated facilities (e.g., an adjoining kitchen) may be disposed of by the library. The library reserves the right to assess a clean-up fee if a meeting space is not properly cleaned after being used.
  12. All activities must be confined to the reserved meeting space. This includes, but is not limited to, the display of signage and the distribution of literature or other materials. An outdoor meeting space map will be provided with the defined meeting space area. Use of outdoor spaces may not extend to the library’s sidewalks, roadways, driveways, parking areas, or other library spaces outside the defined area.
  13. Due to fire regulations, meeting space capacity must not be exceeded. No open flames are allowed.
  14. The applicant is liable for any damage or loss of library property resulting from the applicant’s use of the meeting space, and the library reserves the right to charge the applicant for such damages or loss. The applicant’s responsibility for the meeting space is only terminated after notifying a library staff member that the room has been vacated.
  15. The library accepts no responsibility for the personal safety of any person, either inside or outside a library building. The library is not responsible for damage, loss or theft of personal property.
  16. The library is unable to provide security or traffic management, but may require the applicant to provide security or traffic management.

Revised policy approved November 21, 2019